Tuesday, April 28, 2015

So...What Kind Of Bird Is This?

Yesterday as I drove home from work I noticed some neighbors congregating in front of their homes talking and looking up at the mountain. I waved as I drove by (which is what we do in our neighborhood...) and after I parked my car at my house, I too looked up at the mountain to see if I could spot what they were looking at.

I saw them--four huge birds.

I am in no way an expert on birds, but I know what a crow, magpie, robin, pigeon and dove looks like when they fly around the house. We've even seen bald eagles from time to time. Last summer a family of kestrel falcons nested in our roof--that was SO cool!

But, I have no idea what these things were. I know they were big, but they never flew close enough to get a very good picture of them. However, I'm pretty sure someone out there will recognize the shape of these birds and hopefully they'll let me know.

They flew around for thirty or so minutes. My family even came outside and saw them. We could not answer the question of what they were. Maybe one day in the future I'll be outside and I'll see them soaring overhead. And if I do, I just might know what I'm seeing.

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