Saturday, July 18, 2020

Attending A Drive-Thru Wedding Reception...

Humans are amazing adaptors. They can adjust to situations that we may think impossible. Ever since the pandemic hit, people have had to change plans, tweak situations, and roll with the punches. If you're on social media, you know what I'm talking about--people posting about, video meetings, mobile graduations, and even drive-by wedding receptions.

On Thursday, we got to experience the latter.

We arrived early and decided to walk the grounds. The wedding party was finishing up dinner inside the venue. Eventually, everyone came out and prepared--not for a line of people, but a line of cars. Fortunately, the reception center had a paved driveway allowing well-wishers the opportunity to remain inside their cars while the wedding party practiced social distancing.

I know millions of people have had to change their plans during this time, none more than the bride who has been planning her wedding and reception for years. In all the stories I've read of altered plans, the brides have faced the challenges wonderfully. And if they haven't, I haven't heard about it.

Hopefully, when couples and their loved ones look back on this crazy time, they'll realize theirs is a special event, one almost no one can match. Let's hope their experiences will be even more rare and we can get back to normal soon...

The old normal, and not the new.

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