Thursday, July 23, 2020

The Past Couple Of Nights...Looking West

I thought I'd share a few of pictures I took of the sky the past couple of nights. They're not great shots, but they show some interesting colors and meteorological events.

The first was just before sunset when I actually caught the sun hovering just above the trees. Plus, all the haze from fires and such set the sky ablaze.

The next picture was one I used as my "Pic Of The Day." I remember it being more colorful when I took it, but sometimes what I see doesn't communicate well in the picture. Still, it's subtle and I like it.

Yesterday, storm clouds filled the sky most of the day and as the sun set in the west, shards of light filtered through the clouds illuminating sections of the valley below. Several years ago a co-worker talked of his love of photography. He showed us some of his personal favorites. He showed us one landscape picture and he pointed out the clouds. He said he loved photographing clouds, because without clouds, you have just a blue sky.

Summer skies can be interesting. Many times, there's no change--not a lot of rain here in the summer. But, every once in a while, the skies open up and give you a show. I've had a front-row seat the past couple of nights.

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