Friday, March 23, 2012

Another Son's Story...

I've been trying to become a professional writer for some time, long before my children were born. Of course there were times when I was more serious about this goal than other times, but it's been a goal I've strived to achieved.

In the past year I've put more effort into this endeavor and my children have taken notice. My oldest son is currently writing several stories (a couple of times in this blog I've included a portion of his work...). I've also found out my daughter is trying her luck at the craft. But it was my second child's work that caught my eye earlier this month.

And so I'm including this excerpt for your entertainment. It's only the beginning and not edited to any great length. Hope you like it.

 Chapter 1
All Legends Have a Start...

    . . Mine starts in a junkyard. Hi, my name skeletal gadget, S.G. For short, and the first thing you should know about me is that I'm a robot, and while you are reading this book, do not think me as speaking monotone, just think of me as a normal person dressed like a robot, I have copper hair, LED eyes, and a skull-shaped head. Hence the name skeletal gadget My outward appearance is a mix between the dead pirate Roberts and C-3PO, I live in ceder city Utah and I'm home-schooled, let me shine some more light on the subject by telling you how I was built.
     I was only bits and pieces scattered across the way at the time, waiting to be melted into an go-cart or crushed into a toaster or a doorknob maybe. There I was, just laying there when Lyle, me best friend, saw my leg and said, “that looks like an leg!” (He didn't know it was my actual leg at the time,) and so began my construction. He searched high and low for pieces of me, once he found my other leg he said,”WOW a matching set! I wonder what I can make with these?”
    He built me with every formula and elixir he could possibly find, he was welding like the wind, grabbing test tubes, pouring test tubes, throwing test tubes, when I finally was finished, he walked off leaving me alone in a junkyard with welding tools, what do you think I did? I went inside to have a bran muffin.
    That month, he sent me to preschool, and I still remember the finger paint short-circuiting me, and the ABCs over-loading my memory.
    In grade school I took special interest in gym class, what with my servo-motors and whatnot, I wiped the floor with them on every occasion. Oh,excuse me I seem to have gotten carried away, back to the book,
    One day, while I was doing the dishes Lyle walks in.
    “Hey Skelly?” asked Lyle
    “Um, aren't you going to drive us to your mythology class?”
    “No, that's not 'till Thursday”
    “But today's Thursday”
    “Today's Thursday?!?”
    “That's the rumor.”
    “Shoot, we better get going, c'mon Lyle!”

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  1. A nice sneak preview of things to come from your family. Way to go # 2 son!!!!