Thursday, March 15, 2012

Guys...You Misspelled "Computer Virus"

 I missed the first 2 e-mails--they came in yesterday. I was surprised when I got to work this morning and saw what I had missed...a computer virus. We've had them before, but the severity of the e-mail caught my attention (as well it should have...). Since I wasn't at work I felt bad for my co-workers who had to go an entire day without surfing the net.

 They sent out a clarification a few minutes after...the virus was gathering sensitive personal and work information. I asked some of my co-workers about the virus when I arrived today. I did not get the same sense of seriousness from them that I did when I read in the e-mails.

But surely, the virus MUST be detected by now, I thought as I began my work day this morning. I mean, those computer guys are pros! They can find anything, and I didn't want to go a whole day without a least a little surfing. This e-mail greeted me this morning:

And then it hits me...I've never in my almost 15 years working for this organization experienced such a computer problem before...this was unprecedented! But WAIT! Isn't this the start of the NCAA Tournament? Why YES! It is! And don't many of my co-workers "check in" from time to time during the tournament? Why Yes! They do! So this "virus" may be a way for us to not "check in" as it were...

But I want to give the computer guys the benefit of the doubt. I mean, it might be a computer virus after all. However, a few hours later, we get this e-mail:

Notice the "all caps" e-mail yelling--they're not messing around this time. They mean business! We were put on notice that we were being monitored. I guess if we wanted updates on the games we'd either have to check our smartphones or go back to pioneer times and turn on a radio (or, of course, just go and watch the games at home...). The kicker for me was this sentence: "IT IS EXPECTED THAT THE VIRUS ISSUES WILL NOT BE RESOLVED THIS WEEK."

Guys, you misspelled Computer Virus. It's spelled "NCAA Tournament."

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