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My wife says (and she's correct in her statement...) that if a man in our community can sing, he can pretty much be in any local theater production. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule, but generally, this is the case. I'm not the best singer out there, but I can read music and stay on pitch, for the most part so I've been lucky enough to be involved in a lot of productions over the years.

So when I got a call this morning asking me to help out with a production this summer, the conflicts showed up. On the one hand, it is such an honor to be asked to be in a show, it really is. I've been lucky to be a part of some great shows in the past decade plus... And I've met some incredible people from which many lasting friendships have been formed. In addition, being on stage with a great cast is really a rush, a rush I enjoy.

On the other hand, I am trying this writing thing and trying to become a professional novelist. Perhaps my writing skill on these blog posts do not adequately reflect this, but it's a goal of mine. And if someone is going to be serious about this type of goal, certain things must be sacrificed, things like doing plays, for example...

On the other hand, I'm of the opinion that when you have a talent, you should share that talent with others. Doing a show and writing can both accomplish this--one is more immediate than the other. And, or course, community theater provides no monetary compensation (and neither does my writing...yet).

And on the other hand...there is no other hand. No, there is no other hand.

Tonight I had to tell the person who offered that I could not do her show and I do feel so bad about this. If, one day, I can make a living writing, I'd stay home all day and write. Then the evenings would be free for other activities. Conflicts...I guess that's what life is sometimes all about.

All pictures were taken at Rodgers Memorial Theatre by Ron Russell--as good as he is as a photographer and mayor, he's an even better person and friend.

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