Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Boy & The Lego Magazine...

The doorbell rang. Our neighbor came over with our mail in hand (an incorrect delivery...). Bill, ads, other stuff, and two Lego Magazines--one of the few things not addressed to either me or my wife. I took the mail, thanked Lawrence and wished him a good night, then I brought the bundle of semi-recycled papers into our room.

I quickly scanned the items and at the bottom of the pile were two magazines--identical, but addressed to different siblings. "Hey," my wife said and she named the children who received mail. "There's some mail here for you."

The younger of the two that received mail arrived first, which is his way. "A Lego Magazine!" His words filled the room and halls of the house. "Really?!" Came the screams of the youngest, and perhaps most excited of all the children. "A Lego Magazine! A Lego Magazine!" He was apparently really happy about his older brothers getting a Lego Magazine.

Next came our oldest--the one who has had his name the longest on the Lego Magazine mailing list. He arrived with the youngest. "Here you go," I said as I handed my son his publication. "Hey!" the youngest said. "Can I see the Lego Magazine first?"

"No," he said.

Time passed and dinner was prepared. Everyone congregated around the kitchen, except our youngest. He was busy, busy reading a thing of wonder that arrived tonight when our neighbor dropped by.

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