Friday, March 16, 2012

Concert, Saturday Night!

Tonight we rehearsed the songs we'll sing at Saturday's concert. If you've never sung Beethoven before, it's such a rush! Our group, Utah Voices, is a big group and on Saturday, March 17, we'll hopefully be at Libby Gardner Hall performing with the Salt Lake Symphony.

Tonight we rehearsed in a room dedicated to one of the best men I know, Dr. Edgar Thompson. This was a back-up plan. The main room for tonight's rehearsal and where we hope to perform on Saturday had lighting problems. Well, there was only one lighting problem and that was not one single light worked.

I also found out tonight that the soprano soloist for our concert is none other than Jennifer Larson. I highjacked this picture of her from Facebook (without her permission...I hope that's okay). I first met Jennifer when she was a freshman studying music at the University of Utah. We were in Dr. Thompson's choir together. Now, so many years later, I'm currently in my choir and Jennifer's got her Phd and teaches music at a college in Iowa. The only thing better than seeing her and catching up was hearing her incredible voice. We're lucky to have her.

So, by this time tomorrow night the concert will be over and I'll be tired with my voice being pushed to its limit. But, when you're talking about Beethoven, it's a sacrifice you just have to make.

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  1. Scott, thank you for your very nice words. It was wonderful to see and talk with you last night. Looking forward to singing with you in a fabulous *lighted* concert at Libby tonight. :) -Jennifer