Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sticks In The Street...

In our little community one of the things the city does for us citizens is to help with our yard's spring cleaning.  Of course, they've set down some ground rules... the piles of sticks, twigs, stuff our ancestors used to use as fuel to heat their homes and cook their food, need to be of a specific size or the city will not pick it up. I think they've said that before.

The city picks a day and that's the day the trucks and woodchipers roll into town. For some unknown reason, the city begins cleaning up the piles on our street so that means we're the first ones to have our street cleaned and that also means we have less time to clean up than everyone else.

You drive around the streets of our town and piles are popping up everywhere...some of the piles conform to the city's instructions (see the photographs) but many do not. I have a feeling that when the trucks and woodchipers roll out of town, they'll most likely go against their own rules and end up taking it all. At least, that's what everyone hopes will happen...

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