Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Plane In The Pane...

I don't know how many circles the refueling plane flew overhead before I spotted it through my office building window...maybe none. Working just a few miles from Hill Air Force Base, hearing the roar of jet engines is nothing new. But as I left work I saw the four-engine plane coming toward me. I snapped a picture through the window pane. I thought if it turned out and looked kind of cool I could use it for my "Pic Of The Day" but I found a cuter subject and used that picture instead.

I got in my car and drove around to the front of the building to wait for the family. That's when I saw the plane again. I have no experience with planes and/or flying but I thought it odd it was circling. I snapped another picture, this time over the building I was just in.

I waited while sitting in my car listening to an audiobook and the plane had turned east, passed again the Wasatch Mountain range and was about to fly overhead. This time I opened the car door and snapped it as it was directly over my head.


I wondered if the plane would circle again. I had no idea--and I still have no idea--why the plane was circling. Maybe it couldn't land. Maybe. The last picture I took by leaning into the passenger seat and I hoped I caught the plane in the frame. I think I like the one in the tree the best.

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