Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Walk At Dusk...

A Walk At Dusk...

"Daddy?" the young child asked his father as the two walked on the sidewalk at dusk.

"Yeah, little man?"

"Why does the sun play hide-n-seek?" the son said as he pointed to the western sky. The father followed his son's arm and saw the brilliant rays of sunshine escape the clouds and shine on the earth below.

"Well," the father said. "The sun shines all day--from sun up to sun down. Everyone sees it as it crosses the sky."

"I saw it today, daddy!" the five-year old laughed.

"I know you did; I know you did. But sometimes the sun wants to play so he calls the clouds from behind the mountains and they come and play with him."

"They do?"

"Yeah, like right now. See." Both looked up. The sun had dipped further into the west where light flooded the valley floor through cracks in the clouds.

"But, daddy?"

"Yeah, son?"

"I can see the sun poking out below the clouds...the sun's not a good hide-n-seeker, is he?"

"Oh, he's the best," the dad said as he knelt and his face met the small boy's. "He's just letting you win." He winked and stood, then both father and son continued walking home.

"I knew it," the boy said as he swung his father's arm back and forth. "I knew it!"

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