Friday, March 9, 2012

Pictures Of My Day...

My Day in Pictures...Kind Of...

While out and about (and home and not about...) I carried my little camera and took some shots. Here's what I got.

The kids made me lunch today. My son baked the bread and my daughter built the deliciousness called a grilled cheese sandwich. It was very yummy.

I took my oldest son to his dance class this afternoon and after, I took him to his writing class (I snapped no pictures at the writing class...).

We came home, got ready, then headed to Utah County for a wedding reception. My cousin Cindy and her husband Todd's daughter Courtney got married to a guy named Taylor (good name...).

Nice cake.

After the reception, my brother and sis-in-law went to dinner at a Mexican place along State Street in Orem. I don't think I've ever seen tables not in use being leaned to let everyone know they need to eat at an un-leaned table. And they did clean up the pile of straw wrappers, so that's good.

Our table was decorated with colorful words, but their indentations were not as deep as these.

That was pretty much it, except for the cat. Gracie ventured outside and saw the world through our deck. It was a pretty good day.

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