Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Couple of Things...

For the past few Sundays we've met for a morning meeting at my friend's house. They have a front room that appears to be reserved for just such a purpose.

And in this room are many things. Today I took pictures of two, a carved statuette and a coffee table--both incredible things. I was looking at the pictures tonight and it made me wonder. I wondered about the people who made them. I've asked my friend about the table and he's told me that it was passed down through the family and now it sits in the front room. The amount of detail in the carvings is amazing. And I must admit that sometimes, when the meeting gets a little "slow" I look at the table and my mind is enriched by more than the conversations taking place.

My friend told me more about the table, but I forget what he's said. I could provide vague details, but I'd be giving inaccurate information. I'd rather not do that.

The carved man I know less about. I think my friend's family knows less about him, too. He stands guard with spear in hand and eyes wide open. It's the kind of thing that I believe would freak me out if I were a kid and wondering through the house on a dark October evening and saw the statue standing there. As an adult, I think he's very cool (but, maybe a little freaky, too...)

It was people, not machines, that created these pieces. Someone used their skill and talents and patience to make works of art that eventually ended up in the same place. As I wonder about these things and those who made them, I think also about the things I make and do and I wonder if they will stand the test of time. One thing I do know is that if I ever made a coffee table or a carved statue dude, unless I greatly improve my ability to build things, I doubt they'd end up in people's home generations later...

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