Friday, October 28, 2011

Ever Play Phase 10?

Phase 10

We're doing a play. If  you've read any of my posts for the past month, this is something you know. I have but one scene. I do try to not disappoint--so far, so good (at least, that's what others have said...)

There are other actors who, like me, have limited time on the stage. So what do you do when you're waiting to go on stage? Actually, there are a lot of a book, go over your lines, get to know the other cast members. On the short run of this show, we've taken up cards. And the game of choice is Phase 10.

I may or may not have played this game in the past. For all intense and purposes, it was the first time playing the game for me. I've quite enjoyed the time we've played our games while others entertain. It hasn't gotten to the point where the game has interrupted our major responsibility of hitting our marks and reciting our lines as written and as rehearsed. We are three for three...

Tomorrow night our excuse to gather around a piano bench and play cards comes to an end. Back when my friends and I worked as stuntmen in the Wild West Shootout at Lagoon, we would--in character--go into the bakery, put our revolvers on a small table in the corner of the room and play hearts. Those were great times. I wonder why it is I only play cards when I do a show? Maybe it's because I rarely find myself in Nevada...

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