Tuesday, October 4, 2011

So, What Is An OSSUARY, Anyway?

Each year, around this time, we get a letter. It's really an invitation to a party, an invitation to an ossuary.

Do you know what an ossuary is? I only ask because we didn't know the first time my wife and I received the first invitation 18 years ago.

On Halloween, when the boundaries between the spirit world and the real world weaken, Hordes of ghosts come clambering to whisper in your ear, sending chills crawling up and down your spine.

There's only on e method for keeping these spirits at bay...

Have a party!

Since the invitation has such small lettering (and it's in cursive, a dead writing style in an of itself...), I thought I'd write out the words.

Just so you know, Sebastian is not my friend's name, at least, not the name on his driver's license. Sebastian is one cool dude. I've known him for over 20 years. We were in the same college fraternity together and he still sports very long beautiful hair. Each Halloween Sebastian and his family invites those of us from the fraternity to his house for dinner and treats. 

Unfortunately, we have not attended each and every ossuary party that's been held...our loss, for sure. We will hopefully attend this year's event. It's a good reason to get out of the house and enjoy the company of old (again, the term is one of endearment...) friends.

If you still don't know what an ossuary is, it's worth looking up...it's a great word.

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  1. Oh I have a thing for cool words! I am off to look this one up...