Friday, October 21, 2011

Kundersanterbleebin, The Launch...


Tonight I went to my friend's house to be part of a book launch, The book is: Kundersanterbleebin, A Christmas Tale. The author is Bret Hickenlooper, and he's a great guy.

The book launched on iTunes today and it's only on iTunes. It's an electronic book, but plans are in the works to have it be available on other formats like the Nook and the Kindle Fire. And, it may be printed on good ol' fashioned paper, too.


Kundersanterbleebin takes you to a world where believing can make all the difference. Come enjoy the heart-warming story, gorgeous illustrations, and a captivating narration. This is a treasure to share with children of all ages.

- Customize the book by entering your name- Swipe to turn pages- Turn the background music on or off- Turn the narration on or off- Access a favorite page directly- Go back to the beginning to restart the story- Use the e-mail link to tell your friends and family

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Customer Reviews


I'm a doobinbleeber! I am going to get some charcoal and start this tradition with my kids! Better than a Christmas pickle!
Bret told me the uniqueness of this book, and that is all the wonderful words on its pages. The iPad version allows the reader to hear Bret read the wonderful stories he's told his children each Christmas for years. And, there's another reason this book is so special for him (and I hope he doesn't mind me sharing...), Bret still has an e-mail from his father who passed years ago. In the e-mail Bret's father implored him to get the story published. That wish is now a reality.

The book is published through Copper Pi. I'm going to have to have lunch w/Bret soon...I've got a children's book to pitch ;)

In addition to the great story, Bret teamed with an incredible artist, Kory Fluckiger, to do the illustrations. When I saw him at the launch, I remembered that he and I were in a class together at Weber State University. It was my first college class after a 15 year break, and I remembered he had done the artwork for Weber's literary collection that year, Metaphor. He is very, very talented.


What a great time with great people, doing a great thing. Thanks Bret and Kory for the invite.

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  1. I just heard about this wonderful book and was fortunate enough to get the iPad app. I was trying to find the app in order to share it with my friends but I have found it is no longer available. I hope to find a hard copy to put in my school and personal library.