Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Green Leather Couch...

The Green Leather Couch

Anyone want a green leather couch? What am I saying? I realize how ridiculous this question is because EVERYONE wants a green leather couch... The person or family that possesses this wonderful piece of furniture absolutely guarantees him and/or her a true find.

Women--just imagine these cushions loving supporting your children as they watch educational TV in the basement of your house. It can also double as an excellent place for a momentarily misguided spouse to spend an evening--be assured he will find comfort atop the green leather couch (but not too 
much comfort...just the right amount).

Brothers--you will thank me if ever a situation arises when you find yourself relegated to the basement for the green leather couch will "have your back" and the rest of you as well! And think of those Superbowl parties. Invite the friends over! Have a root beer or seven, if some elixir happens to spill, or some chip dip inadvertently falls on the green leather couch when the mighty Utah Utes score yet another touchdown over the band of blue brothers. Relax! It's green leather, the easiest leather to clean and care for. And talk about durability, this green leather couch can give you sports fans years of faithful service.

Perhaps I've said too much...for there is only one green leather couch available. Just drive your truck, or minivan sans the benches and take it home today. I really ought to be asking for payment for such a wonderful accessory and a certain show piece in any basement or cabin. But just knowing the smiles that you'll be sporting for years to come will be thanks enough.

But seriously, if you want/need a couch, it's not bad. The cat has lovingly found a use for the ends, but either a cover or a basement will do. Just let us know...

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