Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Valley or the Hill?

The Valley or the Hill?

About 42 years ago my parents chose a spot to raise their young family. I'm not completely sure, but I doubt they thought that some of that land would still be in possession of the Taylors. I think my dad would have been more nomadic and we might have moved several times. At least, that's based on their pattern before we moved in. But then again, things happen...

We live on the hill, not too high on the hill, but on the hill none the less. Back when we only had one child, we moved into a neighborhood (ward...) where we and other ward members lived in the valley. They lived in areas that were once covered by the Great Salt Lake, and after that, the valley was home to cows and horses. The cows and horses were only replaced a decade ago. Now, homes, parks, schools, and a church building or two cover the valley. It's the new frontier.

When we lived in the valley I was amazed at how beautiful the mountains are when you're looking up from below. I'm still blown away sometimes from the view. I suppose it's all a matter of perspective. And if it weren't for the man-eating mosquitos and chance for future flooding, it might just be a perfect place to live.

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