Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Day Full of Daily Pics...

A Day of Pic(s) Of The Day...

Since I began posting a daily picture on my blog, I've had to make an active effort to find something interesting to photograph and share. I hope I've been able to do this. I know some of the pictures mean very little to the masses, but they always mean something to me. And--just maybe--if you're reading this blog either daily or occasionally, you may get to know me better through what I see and photograph and add.

So, I'm having a little problem as I sit tonight and think about what picture to choose as my Pic Of The Day. Rarely have I had this issue. But today, I began thinking about the daily picture at church.

This was the first shot I thought I'd use. Since we're the last to use the building on Sundays, the Elders have the assignment to fold and put away the chairs. When I took this picture, I somehow thought of a modern-day harvesting, like the women gathering sheaths of wheat.

Our cat sleeps on our DVD player. And knowing how hot that box gets, it's easy to understand why. Sometimes the cat can sleep with his head raised. I thought I'd use this picture as my daily picture--just your average house cat checking out the Cowboys play...

Of course, we had another fantastic sunset tonight. I snapped a lot of pictures hoping I'd get one that would be good enough for the picture of the day (I love digital can take a million pictures and all it costs is batteries and disk space...).

While I kept going in and out of the house to catch various degrees of the sunset, my son was making crepes inside. When we were kids my mom made these and we called them Danish pancakes, or roll-up pancakes. So, when I saw the crepes, I thought about "rød grød med flyde på." That basically means red fruit jam with cream on top (plus, it's one of the toughest things for missionaries to say in Danish). I just had to get a picture of this (and it was so good!).

After dinner we loaded up the kids and went to grandma and grandpa's, and that's where I found the shot I ultimately chose for today's picture. I mean, how can you say no to this?


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