Thursday, October 13, 2011

Today's Randomness...

Ever have one of those days where randomosity runs rampant? I might have had one of those days.
I had a meeting in SLC this afternoon and I had to drive there from Davis County. As one drives south on I-15, a choice must be made.

Two roads diverged in Farmington
And I took the one named Legacy
And that really didn't make much of a difference

The Legacy Highway is unique in the fact that in order to build the road in the first place, it was agreed that no large trucks could use it unless I-15 was shut down. I guess this driver either didn't understand or understood and didn't care.

Some guy and/or gal spent a lot of time stacking these pop can cases. I think they did a great job. It didn't make me buy any pop (it's been two whole weeks w/o a single drop of carbonated liquid for me...yeah). I still liked the display.

Now, I may have misread this label, but I seriously doubt this water bottle is made of stainless steel...maybe it's just me.

Tonight our ward threw a daddy-daughter hoedown at my neighbor's barn. I wonder if the horses thought anything of the 50 or so people commenting on how beautiful they were...

And, of course, it's not a party until everyone does the "Hokey Pokey" because when you REALLY think about it, that's what it's all about...

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