Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Grandma Taylor Recipes, W-Z

We ran across these recipes as we cleaned out my mom's house after she passed away 3 1/2 year ago. That winter we put together a cookbook for my siblings and gave the cookbooks away for Christmas presents. Long ago I did a blog post with a couple of these recipes. I thought it was time to include a few more...

What I love about this is that they came from my mom. Some people think food is one of the most intimate things we humans can experience, and the fact that many of these recipes are hand-written, it means even more.

We have, over the years, amassed our own recipes. I even found a small piece of paper my daughter wrote her recipe for pizza sauce on. I wonder if we saved it...

And, of course, everyone needs recipes to take care of all the zucchini they either grow themselves or are given to them by well-meaning neighbors. So today, I offer two uses for zucchini. You can either make zucchini bread...

Or zucchini cake--both, I'm sure--are winners. I'm quite confident my mom wouldn't steer you wrong.

So good luck in your culinary experimentation and good cooking!

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