Monday, October 3, 2011

Ron Russell...A Great Guy!

I'd like to introduce to you a very classy man, Ron Russell (and I'm not just trying to butter him up because I've used these pictures w/o permission from him...).

I first met Ron when he took my picture. For years I've been involved in several productions at Rodger's Memorial Theatre in Centerville, Utah. I did my first show with my son in 2000. Many things have changed since that first show. One of those changes has to do with the photographs.

It might have been the show we did in 2006, the Madison Square Garden production of A Christmas Carol (great show, great music...). We were told at one of the rehearsals that the head shots for the playbill were to be taken. I noticed in the front part of our rehearsal hall someone had set up some serious photography equipment. That someone was Ron Russell.

Ron has taken not only the head shots for each show since then, but he has, at his own expense and time, taken so many pictures of each show, and each cast for each show (since all shows are double-cast...). I believe he's also been in a few shows as well.

A few years ago I sang in a bell choir called A'cabella which sang primarily at Christmas. One of the first gigs in my bell choir experience was for the Centerville city leaders. We were hired to sing at their Christmas party. My neighbor was one of the leaders so it was fun to see and speak to him and his wife. We were introduced by mayor of Centerville and I saw that it was Ron Russell. This was surprising (for I didn't know he was the mayor), but even more surprising was that he recognized me. That made me feel good since I'd only officially met him only once.

Since the advent of social networks, such as Facebook, I've gotten to know Ron better (the fact that he's a U of U fan only adds to his coolness...). He's still taking fantastic pictures of shows making the performers look wonderful. One thing that's impressed me greatly is whenever I've needed to use one of his pictures (for a head shot, or to share...), he's been more than accommodating--something a lot of photographers are not willing to do. Of course, Ron doesn't make a living taking pictures, but still...

Life goes on, for all of us. And as life goes on--like the theater--things change. One day I hope to return and be part of another show at the theater. And if/when I do, I hope Ron is there taking picture to make us all look good.

Ron's Flickr website can be found: HERE.

All pictures have been used without permission (I hope that's okay, Ron...if not, I'll be glad to take this down...). 

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