Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Need To Read...


Oh, I should be reading...

The more I learn about the craft that is writing, the more I realize that reading is integral to any success a writer may experience. The problem I have is that I lack the necessary time do it all.

I suppose it's the anthem of our time, that we lack time--time to do all the things we not only want to do, but need to do. I try and "read" as much as I can via audiobooks, and I do a pretty good job, considering... But, there's just not enough time to even listen to it all. 

I know what I need to do because I know what works for me. I need to have a time everyday when I schedule reading. I've been successful in writing a daily journal for the past 2 1/2 decades (I only wish I could have started earlier...). I've also kept a daily blog. I'm going on nine months now... If I can find a time to read everyday, I'd be able to plow through so much.

Of course, if I take time to read, I deny myself time to write. Such is life...choosing good over, well...other good. Hopefully, one day, I'll be able to read it all.

This picture doesn't have anything to do with writing...just another nice sunset. And, just in case you're wondering, the rubber bands around the books in the top picture is something I began doing in grad school. I would take a book and put a pencil in the book as a book mark. This way, when I read my homework assignments I could mark the book as I read, and I could just toss my book into my backpack and I'd be good to go. I'm still doing it. I guess it's a hard habit to break...

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