Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Writing Group...

“You’ve got to get into a writing group.” I’ve heard this more than once… Tonight I sit and try reading a signed-by-the-author book I won earlier in the day while an operating working writing group sits around a table at the Olive Garden and talks. In the past I’ve approached several writers in search of just such a writing group. So far, I’m batting .000.

“I happened to know,” says one of the writing group participants. “...that Dick Simon Trucking used both 49’ and 53’ tractor trailers.” The comment impresses us all.

While everyone finishes their meals, the term, “this is small comment, but…” can be heard many, many times. And so is, “this was beautiful,” or, “it was perfect how you wrote that,” or “I really saw what your were trying to say there…”

My entire day was spent focused on the industry that is writing and publishing and editing and creating. I even attended the launch of a new book with people who actually knew the proud and humble author. His story, both inspirational and discouraging at the same time, affected everyone crammed into the tiny room. People attended to show both support for the author and to get their own newly-printed copy of the store’s newest book signed by the author.

The group continues the critiques, each aspiring author and authoress sits patiently as each member of the group is heard and respected as they express thoughts that are as valued and sincere to the presenter as they are to the presented.

We sit twice or three times as long as other diners. They’ve all returned to their homes and families and lives while the group remains until each member’s pages are assessed.

“You’ve got to get into a writing group,” the words haunt me as I listen to the others, my dinner long finished. But as I listen to the friends, it’s easy to see why these people spend so much time working on their own stories and evaluating the stories of others. Who wouldn’t like to be told at least once a week by several people that what they have created is wonderful and that they’ve done a great job? I know of at least six writers who do.

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  1. I must agree! I love my writers group. Where would we be without good praise and critique?