Friday, October 14, 2011

What's New In Centerville...

What's New In Centerville...

Tonight we faced a familiar question...where to go to eat? My wife and I try to have at least one date night each week, and we try and visit a reasonably priced restaurant. We drove into Centerville tonight and thought we'd try a new's just opened, La Puerta.

La Puerta replaced a restaurant we enjoyed, Firehouse Pizza. Unfortunately we didn't go to the pizza place very much--perhaps we weren't the only ones... When we walked in the restaurant we recognized some friends, one of which can be found in this blog post: HERE (the 4th grade picture...). He didn't want me to take a picture of him because he didn't want, (and I quote...) "I don't want to be your Pic Of The Day." I told him, not to worry--not that many people see my blog. He said he sees the picture everyday. Thanks Doug! And, you didn't make the Pic Of The Day picture.

After finishing a pretty good meal, we drove to the the state's newest theater, The Larry H. Miller Megaplex! The place was build for fun!

The theater sports a water feature...

And even Jack Sparrow dropped by (he didn't stand still enough for me to get a better picture...darn those pirates--can't trust 'em...)

One day maybe we'll be able to catch a movie day.

So, if you find yourself in Centerville, Utah on a Friday night (or any night, for that matter...), you've got even more options than you did before. And if you're thinking about things to do and you're not a resident, just come on over, to Centerville.

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