Monday, October 31, 2016

A Story For November...

Call me crazy, but I'm going to try something I've never done--I'm participating in NaNoWriMo. For those unfamiliar with NaNoWriMo, it stands for National Novel Writing Month. There's going to be things I'll be giving up in order to reach my goal of 50,000 words to be written by the end of November.

I thought one of those things was going to be this blog.

Sometimes I can crank out a blog post in just a few minutes--sometimes it takes considerably longer. I really don't want to stop posting so I came up with a plan. I'm going to take a story I wrote almost ten years ago and post a little of it at a time. By the end of the month, the entire story will be shared. And because I always include a picture with my posts, I chose this one to use. I snapped this picture in Idaho where much of my story takes place. I'm not sure if I'll use the same picture every time, but even choosing a picture for the post takes time, time that won't be used for novel writing.

The story's called, Fields of Barley.

So, if you're uninterested in reading the story (I know it's going to be rough--I haven't even looked at it or edited it in seven years...), just check in with this blog on December 1, 2016. Hopefully by then I'll also have written a novel as well.

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