Friday, October 14, 2016

I'm A Freestyle Gargoyle...At Last!

I did it!

I've never done anything like it before, and tonight I read something I wrote in front of an audience. It's a first for me. It was a blast!

Freestyle Gargoyles is, I believe, the brainchild of the incredibly talented Craig Nybo. The advertiser, author, musician, and comedian created the event. Basically, authors read a short story (1500 - 2000 words...) while his band backs them up. They create a free-form soundtrack to the words being spoken--completely made-up on the fly. As they announced at the beginning, sometimes it's magic, sometimes not so much. But each creation is completely new, completely never before heard.

Here's some pictures of the event. It's hard to capture the feeling in the room with just pictures. I believe our stories are put on YouTube at sometime down the road. When they are, I'll blog about it.

Thanks Craig and the band for an amazing time!

I did it!

It was great!

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