Thursday, October 6, 2016

Freestyle Gargoyles Halloween Special...And I'm Going!

In one week I will take part in a cultural event and I'm totally excited for it! It's called Freestyle Gargoyles Halloween Special. 

Since "Halloween Special" is in the title, that means that there have been previous "Freestyle Gargoyles" events in the past. Basically, Freestyle Gargoyles is where authors and musicians come together to create art. Authors read original works while a rockin' band backs them up with music. At least, that's what I've been told happens. I've not participated before.

When I found out a new event was coming up I was asked to share something I've written--so cool to be asked to read! I worried I wasn't able to attend because of my new p/t job that I picked up until the end of October. However, thanks to my employer allowing me the night off, I get to go!

Now, the story...

I need to come up with a story, between 1500 and 2000 words that fits well with the theme of: scary. I began a new story--I'm only a couple of hundred words in. I'll need to finish that story if I decide to use it. I've got until the 14th if that's what I choose to do. Or, I could use an existing story I've already written. I might end up doing that, even though I don't (or haven't...) written a lot of horror. I've got the weekend to decide and/or write a new story, and because Monday is a federal holiday (Thanks, Columbus!), I have all day Monday to finish up. I'd better have everything worked out by Monday or I'll be in trouble.

It's a real honor to be asked to help out. I have met some amazing people, such generous people and next week I get to hang with them and do something cool. I can't wait!

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