Monday, October 10, 2016

Celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving...On Columbus Day

Sometimes the neighbors on our street like to get together (apart from church, that is...) and eat. Tonight was one of those times. Instead, however, of being a random event, we actually celebrated two holidays, one American, the other Canadian.

We got together for Canadian Thanksgiving on Columbus Day.

The idea was the brainchild of the newest neighbor on the block. She lived in Canada for eighteen months (if you know the culture, you know why...), and she wanted to honor the land she loves and she invited all of us to join in. Actually, having Thanksgiving in the middle of October is very smart. It's warmer, there's more daylight, and you can have your dinner outside and let the kids run around and play. I know many, many people are able to do this anyway because of where they live, but on our street when we celebrate Thanksgiving, being outside is usually not an option--you're freeze your giblets off. And kids playing outside will do so if there's a fresh layer of snow on which they can slide.

We ate delicious Thanksgiving food, had wonderful conversations, and we even played a board game. After dinner I joked with the organizers that I needed a nap in front of a NFL football game (interestingly enough, it's Monday Night Football tonight, so I could take a nap and watch a game...).

I'm so grateful for where I live. I'm thankful for great neighbors, who are also my friends. I'm also thankful for Canada. Everyone I've ever met from the land up north has been an exceptional human being. Imagine a whole country populated by just such people. Happy Thanksgiving all you Canadians! May your year be happy and blessed.

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