Friday, October 28, 2016

Like Buying A Convertible In Winter...

You know what it's like when you've heard about something for years, but never experienced it? Kind of like having a car with built-in seat warmers. I've never had a car with seat warmers. I've heard about them and wondered what they're like. The other day I drove my mother-in-law's new Santa Fe. Yeah, the seat warmers were nice, but I've lived for fifty years without them and my butt's been warm enough so far.

Today I picked up a new pair of glasses. My old frames were starting to get a little "iffy" quality-wise. I've taken them off and on so much, the arms are starting to give out. Part of the problem is when the sun's out, I switch between my regular glasses and my sunglasses. All that opening and closing have taken its toll.

After the eye exam I told them what I wanted. Ray-Ban Wayfarers. 

And I wanted the transitions lenses--something I've never had before.

Today they came. I was excited to experience the miracle that are transforming lenses. I put them on, walked outside, and waited for that miracle to happen. The problem was, for the rest of the day I didn't see the sunshine once. We had clouds and rain. It's like buying a convertible in the middle of winter.

Tomorrow, here's hoping the sun will come out. And if so, experiencing changing eyewear will be right up there with a warm backside.

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