Sunday, October 2, 2016

Craig Nybo's "Dead Girl"...A Book Review

Craig Nybo, author, musician, advertising genius, and all-around great guy released a book last month. It's called, Dead Girl and it's an almost perfect combination of mystery, horror, and paranormal writing as any I've ever read.

Having read two other Craig Nybo joints, Allied Zombies for Peace, and Small Town Monsters, I thought I knew what to expect when I began Dead Girl. It's not that I was wrong, necessarily, but what I got from this book was so much more.

Block Vang is a reporter, a reporter for two publications--one legitimate, and one not so much. Block gets a tip on a story in Northern Utah so he climbs inside his 1974 Grand Fury, fires up the engine, and drives right inside a decade's-old mystery. And because of Block's sassy mouth and a propensity to act before he fully thinks, finding the truth behind the mystery will cost him more than the gas that gets him from Salt Lake City to Bridgewater, Utah.

Block finds himself learning about a group of four teenagers from Bridgewater back in 1962. An accident where a girl died is the epicenter of strange activities beginning then and continuing until the present day. Each year, on the anniversary of the girl's death, teenagers gather at the scene of the grizzly accident. This year, however, the last of the four boys (they called themselves, "The Big Four") died leaving none of those involved in the crash alive. No one knows what will happen. Block has an idea, but even he couldn't predict just how bad it's going to be.

Will the girl who died, Sarah Chase, return? Will another accident happen just like it did all those years ago? Will Block survive long enough to write his story?

Nybo creates a wonderful voice that moves the story along, never allowing it to lull. The noir-type Block understands perhaps better than anyone in the town just how dangerous a spirit bent on revenge can be. Throw in witches, teenage love, spells, and a possessed 1962 Bubble Top Impala, and you've everything you need for a top-notch yarn worthy of a Carl Kolchak investigation.

I really enjoyed this book! If you'd like to order it, you can do so: HERE. Reading Dead Girl makes me realize that Nybo has upped his game. Then again, knowing him, I shouldn't have expected anything less.

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