Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Halloween Decorations At Work...Pretty Awesome!

Beginning last week Halloween wreaths began showing up on my cubicle row at work. Turns out one co-worker created fourteen different wreaths and the best part is, we get to keep them after the holiday.

I don't know who you work with, but I've got a group of wonderful co-workers. I've only worked in the building for a few months, but I already feel part of the team. The creator of the incredible works of art said she made them because she loves to create things and Halloween is her favorite holiday. That combination works out well for me and the rest of the people on my row.

I took a few pictures, but did not take a picture of each creation. Hopefully you'll get an idea of not only how great these look, but what a nice gesture it was. Yes, I have fantastic co-workers. I'm lucky to be included in their ranks.

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