Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Send Me Your Bio...(The Smily Emoticon Means "PLEASE")

Anyone who's ever been in a theatrical production of any kind knows the gargantuan efforts that go on behind the scenes in order for the magic to happen on stage. There's costuming, set building, hours and hours of rehearsals. Literally thousands of decisions must be made between that first decision to actually do a show to it's final curtain call.

One of those many details is for the cast members to write and provide a short performer bio to print in the program. Not all shows do this, but if they print a program for the show, there's a good chance those who attned would like to know a little bit about the people they're watching on stage.

At least, that's what we performers and those who put on the show believe.

In our state (and culture...) there's a lot of shows being produced, a lot of community theater out there. Because there's so much, you usually get an eclectic group of people wanting to be on stage. There's kids--sometimes barely old enough to walk, Jr high and high school students who love performing, college kids--usually theater majors, parents, grandparents--it runs the gamut. And those differences can sometimes be seen in the bios they write and submit.

Those who are making theater their livelihood tend to include certain things, like their favorite roles, the shows they've done, and if they're attending college, they many times include that, too.

Some write short bios, some are funny, some serious. There's not a lot of space (usually...) to put in everything so you can't include everything. Many thank their friends, they thank those who chose them to be in the show, and especially their significant others.

I need to get mine written and submit it. It shouldn't take long. As I'm waiting to rehearse my scene and between memorizing my lines, I really ought to write it up and submit it. And if you come see our show this Christmas season, you'll see what decisions I ended up making.

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