Sunday, October 16, 2016

Gathering In The Harvest...

I took our dog out this morning and noticed a few apples we missed on our apple tree. I picked them and brought them in. Behold--our harvest! There were actually a few more apples that were picked earlier, but in general, we did not get a lot of apples this year.

We have a couple of fruit trees, some apple, an apricot, nectarine, plum, and cherry trees. They're not big so we don't get a lot of fruit--except the nectarine tree. That thing almost comes down each season for having too much fruit on its branches.

We did have apples on our tree, but due to certain circumstances, many were inedible. The first problem was we didn't spray our fruit. We usually don't. There were so many apples with worm holes on the tree, we just left them there. I suppose if we were hungry enough, we could pick all the apples and just eat the non-wormed parts.

And we have animals that descend from the mountain and do a little--or a lot--of nibbling. Yes, deer have come down and eaten many an apple. Hard to win a battle between animals that invade your crop in the middle of the night and will eat the goods even before they're ripe. Yup, I'm losing that battle every time.

So, here's to the harvest of 2016. Here's hoping next year will be even better!

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