Monday, October 24, 2016

Freestyle Gargoyles 4...2016 Halloween Special

If you access this link: HERE, you can check out a unique experience. Authors, musicians, friends, and neighbors gathered in the upstairs studio of Gangrene Productions located above a small-town main street on a busy Friday night.

We gathered for many reasons, some to support loved ones, some to share their talents, but all to feel the music and hear the words of six authors, six different stories perfect for Halloween.

The authors, (in order of appearance...) James Wymore, myself, Eric Wincentsen, Patrick Murphy, Nathan Shumate, and David West, read an original story. The musicians, Craig Nybo, Keith Moon, Dan Nobles, Lary Nybo, Oz-Aaron Ozminski, Rick Nef, Brandon Tucker, and conductor Rob Griffin, backed us up, creating a musical tapestry the surrounded our words, taken them to destinations the audible voice could not alone reach.

I haven't listened to all the readers--the YouTube video just dropped today, but I look forward to hearing each story, appreciating the musicality of the players, and re-living what an amazing time I had that night just a few weeks ago. My story begins at 16 minutes in and ends just after the 28 minute mark, but I'd recommend you hear all the stories. There's some great stuff there.

Even though I'm relatively new to the writing world, I've already had some amazing experiences--being on conference writing panels at Salt Lake Comic Con, LUTE, and Salt City Steamfest, having people come up and buy something I wrote at these events and other places. But participating in the Freestyle Gargoyles event, that was definitely a highlight for me.

If you'd like something new for this Halloween, click on the link: HERE. I'm sure you'll see and hear something new.

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