Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Can You Wear Jeans...Where You Work?

Back in May of this year I moved from one building to another. I still work for the same organization, but each building can have slightly different rules. One of those rules has to do with deviations of the dress code, specifically, the ability to wear denim jeans to work.

I know each organization is different. We have "Casual Friday" dress on Fridays. But, someone somewhere came up with an ingenious way to raise some money. Each building has an Employee Association Committee. They plan parties and try to make work less a place of drudgery and more a place of fun.

It takes money to do this (among other things...), and a way to get money from the masses is to allow us workers the ability to "buy" a little bit of comfort. In exchange, the Employee Association gets funds and we get parties.

For the past several months, it cost me $2 for the right to wear denim jeans each Thursday. There's other tiers, of course, You can pay more for more jeans-wearing days. For me, Thursdays are good enough, especially since I don't work Fridays so I cannot take advantage of the "Free Jeans Day" each week.


But something happened this month. They upped the price to $3. Now, paying 50¢ each Thursday isn't bad, but I don't know about paying 75¢ for the same privilege. It's not so much the cost hike, but where will it end?


So, my days of comfort may be coming to an end. I'll just have to see what November brings.

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