Thursday, October 13, 2016

Football Games On Twitter...Pretty Cool!

I first heard the news months ago. The National Football League had reached an agreement to broadcast games on a new medium--Twitter. There was a time when I listened to sports radio programs and the gentlemen on those programs thought having games on Twitter was a little weird.

Tonight I'm watching my first game on the social medium and--though a little strange--it's a good thing. I took a few screenshots of tonight's game and put them here on the blog. 

I don't know why but over the past couple of weeks I've found myself saying over and over again, "We live in amazing times." It's so true. The fact that I can use my phone to not only watch shows and sporting events, but record them from remote locations and then watch those recorded shows and games from practically anywhere.

And that's just a minute speck of things that are available to us. We can download any work ever published (except some super secret government stuff...). We can listen to any songs from all over the world. We can hear radio programs, download podcasts, hear speeches given by everyone from the most influential people in the world to the simplest piano recital by the most humble child in the world.

And now we have football on Twitter. What will they think up next?

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