Sunday, October 23, 2016

Beginning A New Book Is Great...Knowing The Author Makes It Even Better

I began a new book today. It's a book I've been meaning to start for some time. Turns out, today was that day.

Because of other crazy stuff going on in my life, I'm not going through books like I used to. Back in the day I was finishing an audiobook or two every week, and reading a non-digital book about every week or two. But with re-learning the job I have now, plus the other job and the play, my reading has suffered.

I miss it. I miss the stories. I miss the characters. I miss allowing my mind to become lost in another world. There's an excitement that comes with beginning a new book--a chance to experience all those things that only a new book can provide.

And in addition to the joy of a new book, there's something that makes it even better and that is reading a book written by someone you know. Somehow, each word, each sentence means more. I notice differently the phrasing, the choices made.

I'll be writing a review of my friend's book as soon as I finish it. I love reviewing my friend's books. Thankfully, I've gotten to know so many authors, I may never finish them all. I'm a very lucky fellow.

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  1. You just made my whole month! Thanks, Scott! I hope you enjoy it.