Saturday, October 22, 2016

Seven Years Ago...

On this day, seven years ago I posted something on Facebook. Today, I was reminded (thanks Facebook...) about it. I haven't thought about that little item since then, but when I saw it again, it reminded me of why I posted it in the first place.

It got me thinking, a lot has happened in seven years. Seven years ago, my oldest was fourteen, his next oldest sibling was almost eleven, their daughter was nine, and the youngest of our four was five. The reason I thought about my kids was because of the message contained in the little clip I shared.

It's the story of a man and his son and a memory they had years before. If you want to watch it, click: HERE. It's in Greek, but it has English subtitles. It's a really beautiful message, one that means more to me as time flies like the little sparrow. I can identify with both the son and the father.

I wonder if my then five-year old son remembers things we did seven years ago. I wonder if I do. I have the advantage of having a journal entry for every day since 1985 so I can look and see what we did. It's so easy to forget when we're wrapped up in our own lives, we forget those that mean the most. Click on the link--the film's only a couple of minutes long. It just might touch you as it did me.

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