Sunday, October 9, 2016

Forget The Debate...I'd Rather Watch These Faces

As I write tonight's blog post, I have no idea if the latest presidential debate has ended or not. I didn't watch the first one and I doubt I'll watch the third. Everyone has their own reasons for watching or not watching and that's true with me as well. I can understand the draw, but for me--especially this year--I'd rather not listen to either the candidate or those who believe I'm so dumb that I didn't understand what the candidates said during the debate so I must rely on their intelligence to tell me how I should think.

Instead of getting all worked up over folly, I spent the late afternoon and early evening at Lagoon's Frightmares with a bunch of chainsaw-wielding dancers, Deadeye, Buzz, Stitch, Bones, Meat, Stumpy, Lefty, and Skinner, otherwise known as Hackenslash. The troupe does four shows on Sundays and after the middle two shows, they come on stage and pose for their adoring fans. While they posed, I took headshots of each performer. I love catching their eyes within the masks. They communicate so much through their eyes, which is important since they can't talk while in character.

No, I missed the debate and spent time with a bunch of masked people pretending to be someone else instead.








And Skinner

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